Thank you for thinking of the Wildfox for your upcomming event.

Please Browse our menu selections and look over the information provided below. When you are ready, Click below to send us your contact information, date and details and we will get back to you shortly with availabitly

Thank you for thinking of the Wildfox.  We offer the best setting, menus, service and value in the area. We have a very simple process for bookings once we get the basic needs of your event.  Please look over the following information to help you plan your upcoming event.

Spaces for Events

  • We have a private room called the Atrium best for groups of 30-50 although the room can hold up to 75.

  • We also have the Outside fire place terrace for groups of 25-60 weather permitting.

  • Our front porch that is semi private holds up to 12.

  • Groups from 6-14 can be hosted in our regular dining room as a regular reservation and you may use our regular dining menu.

  • If you have a group of 15-25 we can discuss what area is best for the date, time and type of event.  Consideration of Food and Beverage spending, table arrangement and needs for private space are factors to discuss.


Menu and Selections

  • All our menu selections and pricing are here on our website under the banquets Information tab.

  • We offer plated menus for Dinner, Lunch, and Brunch (Brunch:Sunday only)  We do offer light and heavy appetizer platters that we can stage on a buffet table. Appetizers are priced by the platter offering 25+ bites.


More Information


  • We cannot draft an event agreement unless you have most of the basic information including Menu, # of guests, day, date, time, etc.

  • We have no “Room charges” but do have food and beverage spending minimums. This varies by day, meal time and time of the year. Please ask our associates for the estimate as they do vary. The spending minimums are for food and beverages purchased throughout the course of the event. It does not include tax, gratuity, or any other F&B purchased by your guests separate from the event agreement.

  • We have available in the Atrium Dining room a 64” flat screen that you may plug your laptop for video and/or audio as well as a cordless mic. Both are available to use at no charge.

  • You are welcome to stop by and see the facility late mornings or between lunch and dinner. It is best to get all your details consolidated before making an onsite appointment.

  • We present only one bill for the event. You are welcome to split the food and beverage to two checks. You may pay in cash or credit card but no checks at the conclusion of the event. Multiple payment methods are welcome

  • We do offer billing for corporate clients. If the billing is not set up for your company, we will be happy to get in touch with your business to set up the billing arrangements.


Room/Area Considerations:

  • Do you need any of the following?  check in table, gift table, cake table, collateral table, display table?

  • The Atrium is best for U-shape up to 44.  Over that amount we will set large tables up to the number required. The Hillside terrace(s) can be set for one long table up to 20, then large groups of tables.

  • All tables are set with linen table cloth and linen napkins. We can provide with our house table candles for the table as well.  Any other decorations or props need to be supplied by you. See Decorations in FAQs.

Menu Considerations:

  • You will be asked to choose menu items from each course based on the number of people that attend.  The larger the group the fewer choices in order to get the food out quickly and accurately.

  • We always offer a vegetarian or Vegan option on request. Both option varies with the fresh products we have in the kitchen that day. If your guests have specific allergies, gluten free, vegan or other dietary issues we can modify our menu items within reason.

  • Because we print the menu just for your occasion we can type a custom menu heading at the top of the menu for you.

  • For children under 10 we offer our regular dining room menu offerings and pricing. Check with our event staff for selection or pricing of a special Kid's Menu. 

  • No Food or beverage may be brought in for the event with the exception of cake (cupcakes included) Must be purchased from a licensed Food Facility not made from home and are subject to a $3 per person cake fee. Yes, the fee applies even if you cut the cake yourself.

  • When you are estimating how much you should order for appetizer platters it depends on the event.  Our platters are portioned at 25+ pieces per platter so 25-30 is close.  A group of 50 that you offer four platters will be about 2 bites per person. That may be about right for a cocktail hour before dinner. If the event is during traditional meal times you will want to offer more and usually more hearty choices when choosing the platter.

Beverage Considerations:

  • All our plated menus include most nonalcoholic beverages such as fountain soda, iced/hot tea and coffee.  Any other nonalcoholic beverage such as bottled water, juice etc. will be billed on consumption

  • Typically, a beverage table is set in the area for alcoholic beverage you may want to host for your guests. The table will be set with stemware, napkins, ice etc. You can offer as little or as much beverage selections as you would like. Offering start with our House Label Chardonnay and Cabernet. We accompany that with assorted iced bottled beer at.  Each bottle of wine serves between 4-6 glasses so this beverage offering is affordable.  You are only charged on what is consumed during the course of the event.  You can pre-select any other wines from our Banquet wine selection to offer as well.

  • You can offer to host any cocktails from our full bar as our wait staff can retrieve the drinks from the main bar and deliver to your guests.  Your guests are welcome to go to the main bar and purchase their own drinks.  The main bar is located just outside the Atrium or terrace entries.  If you want to offer a full bar and bartender in your event space.

  • You may bring in your own bottled wine and we charge a $20 corkage fee for 750ml bottle.  No other beverages may be brought in for consumption.



 Other Amenities:

  • We are centrally located in southern Novato right off highway 101 with exits both north and south close by. We are also just two exits from highway 37.

  • We are adjacent to and share the same parking with the Novato Oaks Best Western Plus. They are a great property for any visiting guests you may have.

  • We have our own parking lot and handicap parking, ramps and single story access to all areas.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon do I need to give my final details?

Although a signed event agreement and details will suffice to hold and plan the event we will need your final count to set the room, menu choice by course, beverage selection and menu heading 7 days prior to the event.

Do I have to get the exact order from each of my guests ahead of time?

Some events like to do the work and have the guest RSVP their menu selections but we do not need that information.  We will offer your guest a menu printed on the table and will take the order for each coarse “restaurant style” and deliver the order to them based on where they sat.

May I have my own music?

We have our regular dining room music as background for your event or you can choose to have no music at all. You are welcome to bring your own mix on a device such as an IPod and speaker to play in the Private atrium or outdoor terrace. The volume must not travel outside the room or area.  We will on occasion approve a small live band, musician or your own amplified music if the choice of music and the noise level will not disturb our dining guests. We do not allow DJ’s or Dancing unless the entire property is closed for a Private Event.

When and how long do I have the area?

In most cases you are able to get in the room a half hour prior to deliver or set up anything you need. If you need more time it may be available, you need to check with the event coordinator.  Most events are scheduled for 3 hours. Over 4 hours you may be charged by the hour for extra staff and clean up.

What kind of decorations or props can I bring?

Anything in good taste. You are welcome to bring balloons, runners, signs, banners, flowers, signs, projectors etc.  Candles must be approved.  Anything to be hung must only use painters tape. No confetti, glitter or silly string.

What if I run out of the food I ordered for an appetizer platter function?

The great thing about hosting your event at a full service restaurant is that we can supplement some of our regular menu appetizers and just charge you for what you ordered. We also can get our brick oven pizza available quickly for you your guests. Most of our appetizers are premade and specific to your event so we cannot make more of that particular offering.

Do you offer a Beverage Package per person as you do menu items?

We do not offer “packages” for any beverages. Most nonalcoholic beverages are included in our Plated Menu offerings.  What other beverages you host will be billed on what is consumed for the event based on the selection and price of your offerings.

What do I need to know if I want to use your 75” flat screen for my event?

First you must provide the laptop or device to show your audio or video. We have a wired HDMI cord that plugs into your external monitor on your laptop for video and audio.  If you have an apple product you may need an adapter to use our flat screen.  We have some apple adapters so pleas inquire.  It is best to have any person or Tec to contact us to see the requirements and possibly try the equipment prior to your event.

Do you offer Floral or Cake Services?

We do not make cakes or provide floral arrangements.  Feel free to have outside vendor’s delivery for rentals of items we do not have, cakes, flower arrangements, audio-video etc. Make sure you let us know what you are delivering, who the company or contact is and when it will be delivered.

Do you do menu tastings prior to the event?

We usually do not do menu tastings prior to the event. Some of the menu items we offer are the same or similar to our regular menu so you are free to dine with us to get an idea of the options and flavors. We are not prepared to offer menu selections that are specific to banquets for small tastes.

I want to get a group together for (Brunch, Lunch, Early Dinner) but do not want to host the group. What are my options?

We will offer groups who dine with us right at the beginning of our menu offerings an opportunity for your guest to make separate reservations and we will set the table near each other.  This is a great opportunity for the day after wedding brunches or friends/family lunch or dinner. You may offer the regular menu and set tables from 2-6 people. This will allow one check per table and we will do separate checks up to tables of 6.

I just want a place to gather and meet but do not want to host or pay for the group, what are my options?

We like that groups want to gather and celebrate with us.  With that said we will not hold a space unless there is a responsible party making a reservation and paying the check.  If you are notifying us, you have a group that wants to meet in our lounge or hillside terrace we will hold up to 3 tables for larger groups up till 5:00pm.  One check per table or cash and carry at our main bar.

May I have items delivered to the Facility?

Feel free to have flowers, cakes or business collateral delivered to the Wildfox.  In most cases deliveries should be the day of for cakes and flowers because of limited refrigerated space.

Do you do off site catering?

We do not offer full service off site catering.  We can refer you to services that provide that. We do offer all our regular banquet menus for service at the Novato Oaks Hotel next door.

Can I pick up food from Wildfox for an event I am hosting?

Yes, we have a special catering “Platter Menu” also on our website. You can pick up here at the restaurant or we will delivery in a 5-mile radius or more depending on the size of the order.

What if I want to host an early breakfast or morning meeting?

We do not serve breakfast or early meeting space. We open daily at 11:30am and 10:30am for brunch. Any early breakfast or just meeting space needs are referred to the Novato Oaks Inn adjacent to the Wildfox.

What is a food and Beverage Minimum?

This refers to the amount of revenue based on all hosted food and beverage sales generated from your event.  This includes your menu selection, appetizers added food items you may order and all of the beverages both alcoholic or nonalcoholic that are provided.  This does not include purchased your guests may make at the bar or purchase on a separate check during the event.  It also does not include tax or gratuity on the final bill.

What if I do not meet my food and Beverage Minimum?

We do our best to help you plan to meet your food and beverage minimum. If you do not make that minimum you may purchase food to go, wine or beer to go or we will just add the additional dollar amount to your bill to meet the minimum and add the tax and gratuity to that figure.  Gift certificate are not a purchase as they are redeemed at a later day and not considered a sale.

What if my group is larger than the event spaces you have available?

For groups from 100+ it may be necessary to use multiple connected event spaces or to entertain a “Buy Out” for very large groups of the restaurant. If this is the case, we can discuss the opportunities.


We would like to host an afterhours party in your bar, do you do that?

We are happy to have you host your group in our bar, lounge or outside terrace.  We do not extend the operating hours of our restaurant or bar.  Wildfox is primarily a Restaurant and casual bar. Feel free to plan appetizers or pick up drinks and we will be ready with staff. If you are truly looking for an “After Hours” event, there are other opportunities for you. We generally close one hour after the kitchen.