Time to Say Goodbye

Dear Friends of Wildfox,


After 20 years of friendship, great food, wine, spirits and most importantly memories, it is with a heavy heart that I announce Wildfox Restaurant will not reopen.


If you were to ask me just a few months ago, I would never have guessed this would be our reality.  The energy and allure of the crowded bar, packed terrace and large banquet events at Wildfox continued right until the close. Regrettably, we all have been affected by this pandemic.


One thing is for sure, we remain grateful for our generations of loyal customers and amazing employees over the years. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed as we once were, nor can we continue to chase the new normal . . . or the next normal.


We were honored to be with you through your first dates, wedding rehearsal dinners, showers, lunches, dinners and of course Happy Hours. To our regular bar crowd, you rock!


We are glad that you chose Wildfox to spend your time and we are proud to be to be a part of so many of your great memories.


To each of you, I wish you and yours health and safety in these difficult times. Thank you for your easy smiles and hearty laughter. Keep those memories alive and along with you, I look forward to seeing the future again vibrant and alive within a neighborhood restaurant.


Take Care!

David Keegan

LLC Manager

Wildfox Restaurant

© 2013 by WildFox